Thursday, April 11, 2013

sugar shock

I love sweet things. I don't think I'm alone in my sugar-happiness, but recently, my stars are aligning to bring sugar awareness to the forefront of what I eat. When I make a meal or a dessert, I am aware of how much sugar I add, and aware of just what it is that I consume. It's harder to realize, I think, how much sugar might be in every day products, like baked beans or hot dog buns. And that's where this awesome video from buzzfeed comes in - I saw it on Mark Bittman's excellent blog on the NYTimes.  Take a look and a listen, and share your thoughts!

And if you liked that video, I highly recommend Michael Moss' Sugar Salt Fat, an eye-opening story of how food companies use knowledge of our taste buds to create food that you literally can't stop eating.

What are your crave-able foods? And is it the taste you crave, or is it the memory of an experience eating the food?

1 comment:

  1. Crackers!!! Or crackers with cream cheese. Oh baby! It is a taste thing. And I can do all different kinds of crackers.