Sunday, May 6, 2012

to market, to market

With May comes the return of the Headhouse Farmer's Market, my favorite Sunday mid-morning - early afternoon adventure.  The old covered market space on Second Street between Pine and Lombard is overrun with farmers, foodies, and everyone in between, sampling wares and ogling vegetables.

Why a farmer's market when we have so many grocery stores?  Places like Whole Foods have amazing organic produce and huge variety, so my organic-conscious self is sated in knowledge that I'm buying healthful vegetables.

At a farmer's market, however, you are buying local produce, a giant, world-saving step, believe it or not.  Since they're local, the truck exhaust pumped into the atmosphere is much lower than say, a giant truck driving organic oranges from Southern California across the country to Philadelphia. In addition, since there's a much smaller fuel charge, the cost of gas is much lower, meaning we are supporting more oil-independent businesses, and therefore putting less money into propping up oil-o-crat dictatorships throughout the Middle East. See? I wasn't kidding. We're saving the world one gorgeous, green-satured lettuce leaf at a time!

If you're not convinced by my Superman-world-saving rhetoric, there's another great reason to buy local. In this election season, we hear so much about small businesses, and supporting small business owners. What better way to support local business owners then to purchase their goods?

lavender honey

And even if the save-the-world, save-the-economy, do-gooder earnestness of my ideology is a little much for you, the farmer's market is a fun place to make friends. The stall-keepers are cheerful, and willing to discuss everything they make or grow... plus they'll let you taste almost everything they make. The incredible John and Kira's chocolates always has a yummy display, the cheese makers have multiple samples, and Talula's Garden has a friendly stand-keeper who always encourages you to sample her favorite home-made spread of the day (Smoked Mackerel today... holy mackerel, was it delish). And what's better than free food and drink with some friendly conversation and vegetable-eye-candy thrown in to start your day?

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